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REPLAN End-to-End Hotel Business Planning Solution

  • Room, Rental & SPA Revenue
  • Food Beverages and Mini-Bar Revenue
  • Payroll Planning
  • Headcount & Hiring Assumptions
  • Consolidated Financial Disclosures & Reporting

REPLAN for Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Don’t let inefficient processes hold your hotel and hospitality business back. With our hotel planning solution, you can streamline multiple aspects of your hotel business with ease.

Salient Features of Our Hotel Planning Solution

Integrated Planning
Connects all aspects of hotel and hospitality planning, including financial, operational, and marketing initiatives. All this makes REPLAN a unified platform for managing the business.
Connected Legacy System
Have existing legacy systems, such as property management systems, point of sale systems, and customer relationship management systems? REPLAN seamlessly integrates with all of them.
Forecast Day-wise Room Bookings
It Provides advanced forecasting capabilities to predict day-wise hotel room bookings. It helps hotels and hospitality businesses optimize their inventory and strategize pricing strategies.
Steady Workflow
It automates and streamlines workflows reduces the chances of manual errors, and improves all over efficiency. Using REPLAN hotels and hospitality businesses can maintain a steady and profitable operation.
Property-wise Financial Disclosures
Provides detailed financial disclosures for each property, enabling hotels and hospitality businesses to evaluate and compare performance across their portfolio.
Daily Sales Report
Easily monitor and analyze your hotel's daily sales performance with our user-friendly solution. Track revenue, occupancy, and other key metrics to identify trends and opportunities for growth.

REPLAN - Only Planning Solution You Need For Hotel & Hospitality Industry

Room, Rental & SPA Revenue

Enables hotels and hospitality businesses to strategically track and manage their revenue streams, including room bookings, meeting & event space rentals, and SPA.

Food, Beverages, and Mini-Bar Revenue

Efficiently track and manage your food and beverage operations, including restaurant reservations, in-room dining, mini-bar sales, and banqueting.

Payroll Planning

Helps hotels and hospitality businesses Manage their payroll and compensation processes with ease. It ensures accurate and timely payment of employee wages, salaries, tips, and benefits.

Headcount & Hiring Assumptions

Provides forecasts and assumptions for workforce needs, allowing organizations to accurately plan for future staffing requirements and optimize their human capital resources.

Consolidated Financial Disclosures & Reporting

Offers comprehensive financial consolidation and reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to easily analyze and compare financial performance across multiple entities, departments, or locations.

Key Benefits of REPLAN

  • Reduce Time of Implementation
  • Best Practices will be part of the Solution ​
  • Fully Configurable as per Customer requirement
  • Fully Integrated with Core FP&A Platform ​
  • Pre-configured Scalable solution

Industry Specific Blueprints

Streamline Operations & Maximize Profits with REPLAN

As a hotel owner or manager, you know how important it is to have a smooth and efficient operation. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to keep track of everything and make sure that everything is running properly. That’s where REPLAN- our hotel business planning solution, comes into action!

This platform is specifically designed to help you streamline your operations and maximize your profitability. With our intuitive and user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to easily manage all aspects of your hotel, from room bookings and F&B sales to payroll and finances.

It  provides detailed financial reports and analysis for each of your properties, giving you a clear picture of their performance and helping you make informed decisions. Additionally, it helps you identify the optimal number of staff needed to meet guest demand, reducing labour costs and improving guest satisfaction.

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