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Tips For Impressive Web Designing In 2024

Are you looking to elevate your business’s online presence? 

Want to create a memorable and engaging website experience in 2024? 

With countless websites vying for users’ attention, standing out from the crowd can be challenging

On average, Internet users spend only about 15 seconds on a page before deciding whether they want to stay or leave. 

That simply means that to stand out from the crowd, one should deliver the best website experience. 

There are many other things to consider, such as incorporating some key design trends and best practices.

This blog will guide you through useful and impressive web design tips in 2024. 

Useful Tips For Website Design 

1. Always prioritize user experience design.


The first thing to always consider is the user experience (UX). It is the most crucial element for impressive web design. The user experience element (UX) aims to make web pages more intuitive and easier to navigate. To achieve this functionality, each element on which an online page is built has to be user-friendly. 

Here are some simple steps for improving the user interface to enhance customer satisfaction with your website:  

Create a clear navigational path: Your navigation menu should be like a clear map that has distinct labels with a constant setup on every page. Visitors do not need to hunt for anything to get what they want.

Aim for good site speed: Research has shown that those sites take 3 seconds or more to load. The user immediately leaves these sites. No one has time to wait nowadays.

Incorporate responsiveness to the website: Mobile browsing is the current lead. So, ensure your website automatically adjusts for any device size be it phone, tablet, or desktop through responsive design. This includes mobile-friendly buttons and forms for a seamless user experience across devices.

2. Bold and Colorful Typography: 

Your website can easily achieve the extraordinary when typography is involved. By 2024, bolder and more vibrant trends in typesetting will become popular. Below are tips on how you can capture this new wave: 

Try experimenting with large fonts: Create a splash using headlines in large fonts. This way, you will be able to grab people’s attention and underline crucial facts.

Corporate font strategically: Have fun exploring various styles of fonts and their weights in one design over and over again. This can make one interested in the visual and may show what one is like.

Get more creative with layouts: Consider arranging words in a more dynamic way to get yourself an attractive design, rather than just sticking to aligned left text. Perhaps one might think of using text instead of photos or even animated text for such an individual experience.

3. Dark mode matters nowadays: 

The dark mode trend is in, and it is known for its smooth, clean finish that goes well with low-light browsing by reducing the strain on the eyes. Have a toggle switch so that users have the option to switch between light and dark modes to improve accessibility. Here’s why you should consider incorporating it into your 2024 website design:

Modern sophistication and Visually Attractive: The glossy and modern vibe of your website can be raised by using dark mode, which is ideal for technologically savvy brands. 

Such complete absorption helps people delve into what you have provided them.

Enhanced user comfort and convenience: Not only is dark mode aesthetically appealing, but it is also easier on the eye. In cases of low light, bright screens might hurt your eyes. For this reason, the dark mode has dark backgrounds and white text, which reduces eye strain while reading, thereby making surfing the internet for long periods or during the night more pleasurable. To include everyone, offer a button that switches between light and dark modes. This way, visitors can choose what they like and your site will be interesting to more people of different tastes.

4. Engage users with video backgrounds:

Your website will be more engaging when you add high-quality video backgrounds. You could showcase product demonstrations, brand stories, or testimonials with appealing video content. Don’t forget that the speed of the site and the user experience should be kept positive by ensuring that video files are not too large.

Use the power of storytelling: With video backgrounds that compel everyone, you can communicate the story surrounding the brand for which you are creating the website rather than just having static pictures.

Strategic selection and optimization: Video backgrounds are not supposed to slow down the website. The best option is videos that have extremely powerful visual presentations yet have file sizes that are easy to manage. Compression would be ideal for those wishing to achieve great speeds or make use of hosting sites like YouTube so that one can just link this content back into their sites.


In today’s technological and digital era, your website is your powerful weapon. Don’t settle for less ordinary things.

We,  at PPN Solutions, combine cutting-edge design trends with user-centric UX to craft websites that impress.

From clear navigation and lightning-fast loading times to captivating video backgrounds and bold typography, from straightforward navigation and lightning-fast loading times to compelling video backdrops and bold fonts, we’ll help you create a website that grabs attention and converts visitors into customers.

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